ESSEPI, Company, active since 1997, guarantees professional reliability by offering its clients an excellent service.
Essepi packages, and customizes on request, single-dose sachets of white castor sugar, raw cane sugar and low-calorie sweetener complying with your needs and assuring high quality products at competitive prices. We supply custom-made amounts, in order to meet the different needs of coffee roastings, airline and shipping companies, coffee machines, small and large scale distribution, cash & carry, bars, restaurants, as well as requirements of anyone who wishes to promote his brand by using sugar packets as advertising commodities.
In order to give a complete service, we can also provide more articles, as singly packaged toothpicks and cutlery cases, all personalizable too.
Essepi is always looking for new suggestions to combine with sugar, in order to satisfy market's requirements.


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